With five distinct seasons, including the monsoon, which usually arrives in July each year, the favorite time for travel and sightseeing in Northern India is from early October until late April. At the height of the short winter, between December and January, days are crisp and sunny and nights can be chilly. During this time, temperatures typically range from a high of 23°C (73°F) to an overnight low of approximately 2°C (36°F).


There are many distinct languages and dialects in India with English and Hindi being the most prevalent.


The national currency is the rupee. It is divided into 100 paisa. Traveler’s cheques are easy to cash and most banks and some malls in larger cities have ATM machines.

Immigration requirements

Visas are required to enter, exit or transit through India. There are three tourist visas available: a 15-day single/double entry transit visa, a 90-day visa, and an extended six-month multiple re-entry visa. Travelers visiting other South Asia countries (such as Bhutan and Sri Lanka) and therefore requiring multiple entries into India are recommended to highlight their itinerary to the Indian visa application authorities to ensure correct visas are extended. Enquiries should be directed to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate.


Whenever travelling in India, reasonable precaution should be taken against hepatitis-A, malaria, cholera and typhoid. Drinking boiled or bottled water is often an adequate precaution against water-borne illnesses. Guests should consult their doctor and arrange travel insurance prior to departure.

Travel tips

Electricity is 230 volts /50 cycles. India is plus 5 1/2 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). During the winter months of December and January, warm clothes, including a jacket or shawl and covered shoes will be required particularly in the morning and evening. During autumn and spring, guests should pack light woolens for early morning and evenings with lighter clothing for the rest of the day. During the hot summer months it is recommended that guests wear light yet conservative attire. Guests should at all times travel with comfortable walking shoes, a wide-brimmed hat and insect repellant.